The New Year brings us a clean slate, a reset button if you will. All the negative things from 2013 are gone, the scoreboard reads zeros.

That’s good, but we also recognize that we are able to go forward only because of our core values and beliefs that guide our way on a daily basis. This enables us to build relationships with our customers, be it a landowner who wishes to sell us timber , or an end user who wants to buy our lumber. It’s never just the wood changing hands. It’s more.
It’s the relationship between buyer and seller that is the important part to us, the part we want to cultivate and grow. Anybody can do what we do with logs , but no one can duplicate our relationships with our partners who have helped us through the years.
To each and every one , and to those to come in the future…….Thank you , and Happy New Year.

May the road rise up to meet you.