Thinking about harvesting your trees? Not sure if the time is right? Michigan’s total acreage of Timberland is at it’s highest estimate since 1980, an increase of nearly two million acres. The majority of the trees are in Northern Lower Michigan. Right in our backyard!

The time is right! In 2014, nearly 800 million ft^3 of timber grew in Michigan. While 350 million ft^3 of timber was harvested in 2014, 390 million ft^3 died standing and lost all of their value for timber. Most of those lost trees could have been utilized.

We need your help to ensure that more trees are not wasted in the future. Our Foresters are available to work with you on a plan to manage your timber and can help you get the most value from your trees. Don’t leave your money to rot in the woods. Do your part to fuel the Michigan economy and contact Silver Leaf Sawmill today!