After Monday’s Executive Order was announced, we received a lot of calls asking about our operations. We are listed as an essential business and we’re open to continue to serve our clients and community. 

We value the safety of our team, our customers, our loggers, and our region. As a result, we’ve made some changes to the way we’re doing business through the end of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order from Governor Whitmer. 

Chiefly, our lobby is closed to the public. In order to reduce traffic in our workspace, we’re asking everyone to contact us by phone or through email. Our office will be open from 7am-4 pm Monday through Friday. 

If you’re looking to schedule an inspection, you can contact our foresters by phone or email. We’ll work with you to address any immediate needs, offer advice, but we may look to hold off on visiting. 

Additionally, we’re taking extra measures to clean and disinfect our sawmill and to encourage any workers who aren’t feeling healthy to stay home. We’re constantly monitoring the situation across the country, across the state, and here in northern Michigan and remain invested in responsibly balancing our commitment to our customers with the greater good of protecting the health of our workers and our community. We support the Executive Order and the effort to combat the spread of this dangerous disease. 

We appreciate the hard work of medical professionals and recommend that you consult guidelines offered by the CDC on Covid-19 here

Together, we’re going to get through this. Stay healthy, everyone!