Foresters at Silver Leaf Sawmill have worked with families for twenty-five years. This isn’t our weekend gig; we’re a full-time, professional sawmill that sets the standard for professionalism in northern Michigan. There are a lot of good reasons to work with an experienced pro when you start your timber harvest project. 

Foresters are trained, expert lumbermen who provide guidance and information. Foresters often combine years of education at university and in the real world to learn the intricacies of the northern Michigan forest. Additionally, they keep a finger on the constantly changing lumber market to help you make the best decisions possible. Foresters fill a few roles that benefit the landowner. 

First off, foresters help land stewards make a plan. By understanding your goals and vision for your forest, and bringing his own knowledge to the discussion, we can help you successfully and sustainably manage your property to benefit the plants, animals, and land users. 

As a part of that plan, foresters can also assist landowners in developing their next harvest. It’s a lot more than identifying the right trees. Just as important as what to harvest is when to harvest. Just a year or two can make a big difference in the value of your next harvest. Alternatively, there are also interests beyond the dollar amount that are also vital in considering when to start your harvest project. A trustworthy forester can help you make a plan to balance all aspects of the decision. 

When the time is right, your forester is your project manager. From selecting the right tress, scheduling the harvest itself, and monitoring the progress of logging operations, your forester must maintain excellent communication with the work crews, plus the trucks that will extract the logs for processing. It’s also important that your forest understands any local guidelines or regulations that might affect how your harvest is managed. In essence, it’s up to them to worry about the details. 

If foresters can maintain excellent relationships, they’ll be the name you trust for this harvest and to help you manage the health, vibrance, and sustainability of your land for years to come. 

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