Logging has a big impact on the communities that support it. We’re taking a brief look at how small operations like Silver Leaf Sawmill play a vital role in the national economy. 

The long and storied history of logging in northern Michigan is well-documented and our impact on the building of cities like Chicago is a point of pride. But that oversized footprint carries on today, with logging and forestry playing an important role in the American economy. 

Sawmills and logging companies like us are responsible for 208,000 direct jobs in the country, plus another 775,000 indirect jobs. Direct jobs include harvesting and processing, while those indirect roles include construction, cabinetry, and other industries that rely on high-quality timber, mulch, and pulp products. That’s a big part of the economy, but even more important in keeping the small, rural communities logging companies tend to operate from. 

The wood and lumber industry is responsible for $20.4 billion each year in the United States and contributes over $1 billion in state and local taxes. Wood plays an important role in architecture and design, natural resource management and sustainability, construction, and sustainable development practices. 

Maybe the most important aspect of the economic future of logging is that it’s growing. Jobs in this sector for high school and college graduates is expected to increase by 5% over the next five years, an important factor as the country grapples with what could be a long-lasting economic recession. 

Here in northern Michigan, we’re proud of our role in our community. Silver Leaf Sawmill offers employment opportunities for families that want to enjoy the benefits of living in a small, close-knit community like Elmira and the surrounding villages. For over twenty-five years, and for the next twenty-five years, we’re here to keep forestry growing.

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