Our manufacturing/sawmill facility is located in Elmira, Michigan, right in the middle of the finest timber in the state. We are able to keep our area of operations relatively close, usually no more than 100 miles in any direction.

We are capable of producing over 3,000 board feet of quality lumber per hour, and do this day after day, all year round for the finest end users who will take our lumber and turn it into flooring, furniture, and cabinetry to be delivered around the world.

Along with the lumber we produce over 30 tons of wood waste daily which is loaded into semi-trailers and delivered to customers who will take this and turn it into building products such as particle board, landscape mulch, or burned at co-generation plants to aid in the making of electricity in certain communities.

We also market premium veneer logs to users who will manufacture veneer for the use in panels, furniture, and other fine products.

Everything we do here at Silver Leaf Sawmill is done to serve the forests, our customers, and employees in a top-notch manner. We pledge to do our best to accomplish this every work day.