Buying blown down timber and logs

Buying blown down timber and logs

We have been contacted by many in the area regarding the salvaging of blown down timber caused by the recent storms.   In most cases we are not able to work in the areas of damage because of the residential nature. And liability insurance restrictions. log pile

However…. we are able to buy certain species of logs if they are cut to the correct specifications and are of a certain quality , typically 12″ and larger , and the lengths being 8′ – 12′ with 4″ of over length.  Our gates are open , call ahead for times of operation if you are bringing in material.

We have also made contact with many who are working in these areas of damage and are marketing logs to us.  Please contact us if you would like their contact information.



I have two 10′ lengths of white oak that are at least 20″ in diameter. We are wondering if these logs have any value to your company. We are located on Stephen Bridge Road, Grayling, MI. We are unable to move them, since we are not equipped to do so. Do you have any recommendations or referrals that you could pass on to us?


We are a family that owns 30-4 acres of land on Chippewa Trail where the road dead ends into Skegemog Lake. We would be interested in a company who would come in a cut up the fallen logs due to the recent storm There are Pine, Cedar and Aspen trees down across the area. The land boarders the Michigan Conservancy and access is readily available non our land from Chippewa Trail. Property boards are marked and can be shown by a family member at the site.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me as follows:

Ronald W. Page
773 Cameron Drive
Orange Park, FL 32073

I can be reached best by cell phone at – (904) 207-3798

Home phone is (904) 276-9342. However, I am currently vacationing in Indiana.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Re: please contact about maple, oak, beech trees disrupted in August storm. Seeking information on resale value, and qualified logging companies. Would appreciate a call to 231-590-5615. Thank you.


I have a 80 acre plot of land surrounded by state land and farm land, that has been effected by a recent storm. there are hundreds of up rooted and blown over trees. Mature oaks, pines and a number of other species ass well. I an interested in finding out what can be done to harvest these trees, and possibly some standing trees as well. the sizes range from average to extremely large. could someone contact me to discuss this by email or call me at 248-214-1667 I am located at 2250 Gooden RD Gladwin Mich 48624 I’m giving the address in hopes that you could bring up a satellite image and see that this is not in a residential area


I am working on a historical restoration project for the state. I need some white pine rough sawn timbers. Sizes needed 1 timber-14″x14″x17′ and 2 timbers-10″x10″x8′. Thank you any info or connections you have.

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