Firewood For Sale At Silver Leaf Sawmill

One way to get back to normal? Enjoying some of our favorite spring and summer activities with your family! Spend time outdoors and at home with a bonfire!  Firewood fuels your family memories all spring, summer, and fall. For many of us, firewood also warms our homes! We’re offering a new way to fire things up in the backyard. Our new bundle of maple hardwood burns long and strong and is cut to 36” or 48”, just about perfect for a campfire or for your outdoor wood burner. It’s all high-quality wood, no bark, and clean-burning!  It’s really easy to get your load. Give us a call and let us know if you’re looking for 35” or 48” cuts, how [...]

Foresters: Your Guide To The Woods

Foresters at Silver Leaf Sawmill have worked with families for twenty-five years. This isn’t our weekend gig; we’re a full-time, professional sawmill that sets the standard for professionalism in northern Michigan. There are a lot of good reasons to work with an experienced pro when you start your timber harvest project.  Foresters are trained, expert lumbermen who provide guidance and information. Foresters often combine years of education at university and in the real world to learn the intricacies of the northern Michigan forest. Additionally, they keep a finger on the constantly changing lumber market to help you make the best decisions possible. Foresters fill a few roles that benefit the landowner.  First off, foresters help land stewards make a plan. [...]