Buying blown down timber and logs

We have been contacted by many in the area regarding the salvaging of blown down timber caused by the recent storms.   In most cases we are not able to work in the areas of damage because of the residential nature. And liability insurance restrictions.  However.... we are able to buy certain species of logs if they are cut to the correct specifications and are of a certain quality , typically 12" and larger , and the lengths being 8' - 12' with 4" of over length.  Our gates are open , call ahead for times of operation if you are bringing in material. We have also made contact with many who are working in these areas of damage and [...]

Big News in the Northwoods

We are proud to announce that going into 2015, we will be a full-service logging company as well as a working sawmill. The move has created seven new jobs , and increased the efficiency of our timber and log flow. The Logging division, will be known as "roots", and will be managed by Tom Fleet. The division will have 2 logging crews, one being a forwarder, and the other being a grapple skidder. Between the two of the crews, we are confident that we will be able to cater to our landowners' every need, thus creating a more enjoyable harvest experience. We look forward to serving our customers in a first class fashion with this new addition. Photo: "Roots" on a select cut [...]

New Year, Old Values

The New Year brings us a clean slate, a reset button if you will. All the negative things from 2013 are gone, the scoreboard reads zeros. That's good, but we also recognize that we are able to go forward only because of our core values and beliefs that guide our way on a daily basis. This enables us to build relationships with our customers, be it a landowner who wishes to sell us timber , or an end user who wants to buy our lumber. It's never just the wood changing hands. It's more. It's the relationship between buyer and seller that is the important part to us, the part we want to cultivate and grow. Anybody can do what [...]

Winter Harvesting

The winter season is finally upon us. While we love to play in this winter wonderland of Northern Michigan, it is also our specialty to perform our job out in the winter elements. A selective hardwood harvest can be performed at any month of the year when done with care. But during the cold months can be the best for all parties in a lot of cases. Here are some reasons for harvesting during the winter months: 1. We are able to lessen our footprint and not upset the floor of the forest while operating on frozen ground. 2. Trees are less susceptible to damage while logging process due to the low sap content. 3. The appearance of a woodlot [...]

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