Winter Harvesting

The winter season is finally upon us. While we love to play in this winter wonderland of Northern Michigan, it is also our specialty to perform our job out in the winter elements. A selective hardwood harvest can be performed at any month of the year when done with care. But during the cold months can be the best for all parties in a lot of cases. Here are some reasons for harvesting during the winter months: 1. We are able to lessen our footprint and not upset the floor of the forest while operating on frozen ground. 2. Trees are less susceptible to damage while logging process due to the low sap content. 3. The appearance of a woodlot [...]

2014 Marks Our 20th Anniversary

It is with my extreme pleasure to announce that this upcoming year, 2014, will mark our 20th year of existence in Northern Michigan! I am very proud of all our employees, past and present, who were/are instrumental in our success on a daily basis. Without their hard work, dedication, and attention to detail we would be nothing but a manufacturing facility with a bunch of fancy equipment inside. I would also like to mention the contractors who work with us tirelessly to give our customers what they expect and deserve from us. To the loggers, truck drivers, dispatch personnel, excavating companies, electricians, IT people, and others who have worked with us over the years; thank you! And lastly and most [...]

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We’re a Proud Sponsor of Carter’s Compost

Silver Leaf Sawmill is proud to be a sponsor of Carter's Compost, Traverse City's bike powered, small scale, neighborhood kitchen scrap pickup service, which was started by a young boy named Carter. Carter is now 8 years old. Carter helps neighbors reduce their waste, save landfill space, and build awesome garden soil to then grow yummy vegetables in the downtown Traverse City community.

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A Welcome From Our President

Over the past 20 years our team has reached agreements with thousands of landowners and foresters in the state. We take much pride in these agreements; I feel they are the catalyst which holds our business together. They speak to our dedication to a two-way street with all we do business with. Our goal is to work with each landowner to achieve whatever goal it is they have for their woods. We want to be the one you refer to your neighbors, your family, and your friends. We want to come back and do business with you! Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Dave Walston, President, Silver Leaf Sawmill

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