Maple Syrup Season In Northern Michigan!

One of the best parts of our work is having the opportunity to feel a close association with the forests and the seasons. Spring is one of the sweeter times of the year, full of blossoms and flowers, but also something even sweeter. It’s maple syrup season! On northern Michigan, the taps are already out for what could shape up to be a long and productive year for area maple syrup harvesters. This is one of the most treasured annual traditions for landowners and families, and it’s an annual ritual that’s been going on for a very long time. In fact, maple syrup is technically the oldest agricultural enterprise in the United States!  That’s due in large part to just [...]

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Autumn Is Now! The Best Time Of Year To Be In The Woods

This is the BEST time of year to be in the woods! I love the crisp autumn mornings, cooler weather, and the way that the green leaves change to brilliant red, gold, and orange. When the color tour begins it's a special season for everyone in Northern Michigan. Folks come from all over to witness the glory of our most colorful months. Fall is also a great time for logging! Contact our office if you have been thinking about harvesting some of your trees. Our very knowledgeable Timber Buyers can help you plan the perfect harvest for your wood lot. Let us help you manage your woods to have a lucrative harvest now, and in the future!

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Exciting new partnership with Halverson Wood Products!

Here at Silver Leaf Sawmill, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Halverson Wood Products. Through this partnership, we will be offering the skid steer mounted HWP-140 firewood processor. This is a piece of equipment we will personally be using in our own day to day operations. You can purchase one for yourself or let us use it to cut, split and deliver the wood for you. Here in Northern Michigan, it is a common thing for people to have wood-burning heat sources and it can become a very timely process cutting and splitting all of your winter and even summer wood by hand. Most people like to enjoy their summers camping, vacationing and just spending time [...]

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Why 18 Months for My Timber Contract?

Many landowners are seeking Timber Management, but are confused by the length of our Timber Agreements. Most of our contracts are good for 18 months, and some are 24 months. Why do we do it this way? Why the long wait? There are certain times of the year when logging is slowed down considerably. Every spring in Northern Michigan there are Frost Laws that restrict the amount of weight that can be hauled by trucks on certain roads. Over the course of winter the ground under the road becomes frozen, and in the late winter and spring that ground begins to thaw. The thaw traps water between the asphalt road surface and the still frozen frost layer underneath; this condition [...]

The Time Is Right!

Thinking about harvesting your trees? Not sure if the time is right? Michigan's total acreage of Timberland is at it's highest estimate since 1980, an increase of nearly two million acres. The majority of the trees are in Northern Lower Michigan. Right in our backyard! The time is right! In 2014, nearly 800 million ft^3 of timber grew in Michigan. While 350 million ft^3 of timber was harvested in 2014, 390 million ft^3 died standing and lost all of their value for timber. Most of those lost trees could have been utilized. We need your help to ensure that more trees are not wasted in the future. Our Foresters are available to work with you on a plan to manage [...]

Looking Forward To Another Great Year!

2015 is nearly gone, but the new year is looking bright! We look forward to manufacturing Northern Michigan's finest hardwood lumber again in 2016. We would like to heartily thank our staff for all of their hard work and expertise, our customers who know that we offer the best hardwood lumber, and the land owners whose trust in Silver Leaf allows us to carefully manage this beautiful and renewable resource. Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year wishes from the Silver Leaf Sawmill Family! If you haven't seen out Sawmill Tour Video, check it out!

Timber Buying: Tools of the Trade

How do our Timber Buyers keep track of all of those trees? With a few special tools, it is easy! The most important tool a Timber Buyer uses is a compass. Without obviously marked property lines, use of a sight line compass and the appropriate plat map is the best way to determine where property lines are. You can rest assured knowing that our Timber Buyers are able to accurately define your property lines. The Cruising Stick is another crucial tool for a Timber Buyer. A Cruising Stick looks like any measuring stick, but it has specific increments for determining the board footage of a given tree. The results vary wildly without a consistent method of scaling standing timber; the Cruising Stick [...]

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Buying blown down timber and logs

We have been contacted by many in the area regarding the salvaging of blown down timber caused by the recent storms.   In most cases we are not able to work in the areas of damage because of the residential nature. And liability insurance restrictions.  However.... we are able to buy certain species of logs if they are cut to the correct specifications and are of a certain quality , typically 12" and larger , and the lengths being 8' - 12' with 4" of over length.  Our gates are open , call ahead for times of operation if you are bringing in material. We have also made contact with many who are working in these areas of damage and [...]

Big News in the Northwoods

We are proud to announce that going into 2015, we will be a full-service logging company as well as a working sawmill. The move has created seven new jobs , and increased the efficiency of our timber and log flow. The Logging division, will be known as "roots", and will be managed by Tom Fleet. The division will have 2 logging crews, one being a forwarder, and the other being a grapple skidder. Between the two of the crews, we are confident that we will be able to cater to our landowners' every need, thus creating a more enjoyable harvest experience. We look forward to serving our customers in a first class fashion with this new addition. Photo: "Roots" on a select cut [...]

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