We employ one full-time logging crew which is managed and directed by our staff of timber buyers. It’s this crew that manages timber harvests of all sizes. This allows for fast, accurate communication and efficiency. This system makes it especially easy on our customers. With Silver Leaf Sawmill, your lumber buyer is your project manager and the only point of contact you’ll have to worry about!

Our goal is to successfully harvest the designated timber to the letter of the contract and leave the smallest footprint possible. We will ensure the job is done to the highest standards with residual damage kept to a minimum and landing areas/logging trails cleaned up prior to the job being completed. We want to enhance the health and beauty of your woodlands, and we take pride is leaving it looking gorgeous.


R2 – A three man crew with two men harvesting trees with chainsaws. This crew is efficient in gently rolling timber stands as well as the more aggressive or hilly jobs.

On a gently rolling or flat stand of timber, the tree is felled, then “bucked up” into log lengths at that time. After this is done the forwarder will maneuver itself to the downed timber and pick up each individual log and load it onto itself. It is then transported to the landing where it is piled up and awaits hauling to our facility.

On a more aggressive stand of timber, it may require the use of our crawler tractor or “bulldozer” which is equipped with a winch. In this case, the tree will be felled, then cut in halves so as to lessen the length of the pieces of timber being removed. This aids in keeping the felled tree from hitting the residual stand of trees that remains. The halves are then skidded to a safe place where they can be cut into log lengths, loaded onto our forwarder and hauled to the landing to be staged for hauling.


We also work with independent contractors that we have worked with on many logging jobs and understand what we expect for our customers. All of our contracted logging crews are managed by the Silver Leaf staff of timber buyers.

All independent logging crews carry the same liability and workmen’s compensation insurances as our company crew. We are proud to partner with crews that choose to work with us in a safe and efficient manner. Northern Michigan is home to a proud tradition of lumberjacks that stretches back generations. Experience and tradition matters!