We employ two full time logging crews along with a field manager to oversee all operations in the woods we operate in. When a timber deal is agreed on, it is reviewed by our personnel who work in the field to match it up with the right crew at the right time based on forest conditions and terrain. We have the right people and the right tools for each job at Silver Leaf Sawmill.

Our goal is to successfully harvest the designated timber to the letter of the contract and leave the smallest footprint possible. We will ensure the job is done to the highest standards with residual damage kept to a minimum with landing areas and trails cleaned up prior to job completion.

Our Crews

Roots – A three man logging crew with a grapple/cable skidder. This crew is able to work in all terrain (hilly or flat). The timber is felled by a man with a chain saw. It is then transported to the landing area where it is cut into log lengths and stacked up by a tracked skidsteer until ready for shipment to the mill.

R2 – A three man crew with two men harvesting trees with chainsaws. This crew is most efficient when deployed on flat or gently rolling terrain. When the timber is felled it is “bucked up” into log lengths at that time. After this is done the forwarder will maneuver itself to the downed timber and pick up each individual log and load it on to itself.  It is then transported to the landing where it is piled up and hauled to our facility.


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