Why Choose Us

At Silver Leaf Sawmill we have a team of timber buyers who are sensitive and conscious to the effects of logging operations in forests and woodlots. We strive to provide added value to each landowner by implementing our “Best Management Practices” which result in faster growth, better wildlife habitat, less tree loss due to insects and disease, and added value to future harvests. Our objective is to implement a sustainable plan that combines the landowners’ goals with the current forest condition to help encourage and maintain a vigorous, healthy cash crop as well as an attractive forest of which to be proud.

Locally Owned

We provide employment for 40 employees and contractors. Our area of timber operations reaches from Central Michigan into the Upper Peninsula.

Responsible Forest Management

We like to maintain the cutting of only 5 to 11 trees per acre of land unless the landowner requests to have less or more trees harvested.
Located in Northwestern Michigan